Welcome! We are Jon and Jennifer, a husband and wife photography team living in Charlotte, North Carolina. Being newlyweds ourselves [March 20th, 2016, to be exact! And ok, it’s been 3 years, but we’re still newlyweds, right?], we absolutely love working together and capturing beautiful moments.

We love adventures, hiking, the great outdoors, a breath-taking sunset, hamburgers, volleyball, family, and marriage.



We met through some mutual friends in June of 2013 at a campout-kind-of-shindig in the mountains of North Carolina. With Jon being a Midwest country boy from Missouri, and Jennifer a native Charlottean, it was clearly God who orchestrated this. We never "officially" met with a handshake because we happened to be on the same volleyball court. A quick "what's your name?" is how it happened for us. Both of us are avid volleyball players, so we clicked immediately. Throughout the weekend, we were the undefeated Spikeball team [if you haven't heard of the sport, look it up!] and we enjoyed singing, playing our instruments, and creatively taking photos. We were both amazed at how much we had in common. After a conference, a trip out to NC, and much prayer and communication, we officially began our relationship on March 6, 2014. Almost exactly 2 years later, we married.

And we love being married! We take selfies often [as well as portraits with self-timer on the real camera...] because life is a giftWhen we want to remember something, we document it visually. We are so grateful for every photo we have of us throughout our relationship, engagement, and marriage. No one is guaranteed another day, and we most definitely do not want to have regrets that we didn't love each other fiercely enough, serve each other selflessly enough, or take enough time to truly invest in each other while enjoying the precious gift that God gives us through people.


A Note from Jon

My joy and passion for photography is rooted in my love for the One Who created all things. What an honor to capture creation and beauty through a lens! I love my Savior, people, beauty, and life!

Like most people in the area, I am a transplant to Charlotte, NC. Though I was born in Nebraska, I grew up in Springfield, MO. My grandparent's ranch in Nebraska has remained as one of my favorite places. So much beauty, adventure, clean air, and hard work reside there.

My love for photography began in 2009 when I attended the International Photography Studies [IPS] in San Diego, CA.  Since then, I have traveled the world participating in ministry and humanitarian work while photographing my experiences. 


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A Note from Jennifer

Growing up, I have always had a love for beauty, creativity, and art. I loved sketching, sewing, and using my [very vivid] imagination. I began playing the piano at age 6, and then added a second instrument, the cello, at age 9. After taking piano for almost 10 years, I transitioned to taking art lessons instead since my artistic side was starving. It was then that I began to cultivate my talent for art and grew in my appreciation for creating artistic pieces. My favorites have become the ordinary pencil [because you always have one with you!], oil paint, and watercolor [though I'm still learning this one!].

In 2008, my siblings and I began our family music business called Wescottage Music. Since then, we have been performing for weddings, events, and special services in Charlotte and beyond. As I learned how to run the business, I followed several photographer blogs - gleaning information from them while acquiring an eye for photography. I secretly wanted to be a photographer, but I never had the right equipment to create what I had in my mind. Long story short, God brought Jon into my life. He's a photographer! And he's absolutely amazing. Not only that, he is an incredible instructor; he has taught me what I was eager to learn. In exchange, I help run the business side of it all, edit photos, and shoot the senior sessions. It is a joy to work with my husband! And yes, sometimes Wescottage Music conflicts with photography [since both are in the wedding world]. However, I LOVE when we are able to do music and photography for the same wedding!

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