I am so excited to announce that I’ll be doing a WORKSHOP on April 25TH from 10-5:30!

Have you ever had an idea for a photo, but when you attempt the artistic shot you have in your mind, it looks amateur and embarrassing? Have you wondered how to create the focus in an image with the background blurred? Have you realized that posing is not as easy as you thought it was? If you answered “YES!” to these questions, then this workshop is for YOU!

This workshop is for the beginner and intermediate photographer who is wanting to learn the basics of Digital SLR, as well as learning how to correctly use your  iPhone for creating and processing images.

This workshop includes:

DSLR Photography

  • DSLR Basics [ISO, Aperature, Depth of field, Overcoming the automatic handicap, lenses]
  • Composition
    • How do I turn what is in my mind into an artistically pleasing photo?
  • Posing
    • Babies, Girls, Boys, Couples, Families
  • Use of natural light
    • Flash is not your only option
  • Post processing 
    • Photoshop/Lightroom


  • How to create a compositionally pleasing image with your phone
  • How to edit images using VSCO
  • How to use hashtags correctly via social media


  • $115 for one person
  • $95 each for two family members [$190]

Location: First Baptist Church, Matthews, NC

What you need: DSLR camera, a Smartphone [if you have one], a laptop [optional for Lightroom users - 30 day trial is available for new users at Adobe.com]

You will walk away not only with a better understanding and confidence in using your camera and iPhone, but you will also receive 3-5 high resolution complimentary images of yourself taken by me at Dogwood Park [weather permitting]! These images will be perfect for your Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn profiles. Lunch will also be provided.

I'm only allowing a limited number of spots, so don't wait to register!