Congratulations! Engagement is such a precious season of life. Jennifer and I were engaged for 4 months, and we treasure every memory and photograph from that time. Being in the wedding industry, we married in the off season - hence, the short engagement. :)

The wedding planning process can be stressful, emotional, tiring, confusing, difficult, and overwhelming. Choosing a photographer for your wedding doesn't have to be any of those. From the first point of contact to after the wedding, we do our very best to eliminate any stress that we can and to provide the most treasured experience for you.

Need help finding other vendors? We'd be happy to give suggestions!

// O u r  P h i l o s o p h y //

We believe that...

Marriage is sacred.

Marriage is more important than the wedding, and it's worth fighting for.

Love is a choice - not just a feeling or emotion.

Jesus is the One Who set the example for true love.

People are always more important than things.

Coffee isn't as important in life and we sometimes make it out to be [uh oh...we might've ruined it here!].

Food brings people together - for fellowship or for a grand celebration!

Photographs are some of the best preservers of history - your legacy.

// T h e  W e d d i n g  E x p e r i e n c e //

Being a husband and wife team, we work together at all times if possible. Jennifer is also a professional wedding musician and runs her family's music business [Wescottage Music]. When she's not performing, she's shooting weddings with me! And sometimes, she does BOTH! If you haven't yet hired musicians, you'll want to contact them.

All packages include:

An Engagement Session [it's the best way to get to know each other before the big day!]

High resolution images

Online gallery for viewing and ordering

Second Shooter

And the best time of your life